Food Oasis Los Angeles

Healthy Food for All Angelenos

About this project

In 2015, Feeding America reported that 1.5 million people in Los Angeles County lack sufficient funds to buy food, making it home to the US’s largest population of individuals affected by Food Insecurity. Today, there are hundreds of efforts – spanning the non-profit, community-based, governmental, educational and for-profit sectors – that are currently planning and implementing solutions for Food Insecurity in Los Angeles.

Food Oasis Los Angeles (FOLA) is creating a web/mobile platform to visualize the complex landscape of these often disparate solutions on one map.

Support this project!

We’re a volunteer-based project and would love your donation! On the donation page, please choose Los Angeles Brigade and make it in honor of Food Oasis LA with the email address


FOLA’s platform is intended for use by:

Food seekers

LA community members affected by food insecurity and those interested in finding healthy food sources.

FOLA is working to unify, process and create datasets that map the range of available Food resources. Customize which datasets are shown so you can see solutions that align with your personal preferences and needs


Government staff, non-profit organizations and community members

Find existing solutions along with “Food Deserts” and outcomes like health metrics and poverty rates. Take advantage of the visual information to fight Food Insecurity in your communities.


Concerned citizens who want to get involved

Many Angelenos – those affected by Food Insecurity and those not – are asking: How can I help? FOLA’s platform aims to connect concerned individuals with opportunities to volunteer, donate and get involved in Food Security activism.

Our Mission

To build a unified hub for Angelenos to easily find healthy food.

Our Team

Food Oasis Los Angeles was born at a Hack for LA as a collaboration between volunteers from all walks of life. More about our team

About Hack for LA

Hack for LA is the official Los Angeles chapter of Code for America, a national nonprofit that believes government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century. At our weekly Civic Hack Nights, we organize groups of volunteers to build technology addressing the LA region’s biggest civic issues. We welcome technologists, government officials, designers, students, activists, entrepreneurs and community members to join us and collaboratively create a better Los Angeles.